You can help bring an end to this. Get involved today by doing one of the following:

  1. Anyone with information on this cruel practice should call 855-NO-SORING or email: equineprotection@humanesociety.org. The HSUS will protect the identity of all callers. HSUS officials said, "As awareness spreads about the abusive treatment of Tennessee Walking Horses in the top levels of show competition, The HSUS is continuing its commitment to help bring violators to justice. Earlier this year, The HSUS paid out a $10,000 reward for information that led to the arrest and conviction of Barney Davis, a Tennessee horse trainer, for violations of the Horse Protection Act. Davis testified during his sentencing hearing that soring is a common practice.
  2. Contact your state animal welfare department
  3. Check your state's laws against soring
  4. Report your soring observation to the USDA
  5. Report your soring observation to the HSUS
  6. Send your observations via e-mail with detailed descriptions, photos,
    or video footage to FOSH, one of the organizations working to end soring.
  7. Report the abuse to the local animal humane association. You may need
    to educate them, also, using this web site and other sources of information
    about soring.