What can YOU do to help?

a.Become a member in one or more of the active organizations

b.Volunteer for one or more of the active organizations

c.Join a Facebook Group active fighting soring.

d.Add your name to a Change.org petition to eliminate Big Lick Classes and Sponsorships at a current show.

e.Write your Congressman or Senator.

f.Write a Letter to the Editor of a horse magazine

g.Write to the people in charge of the major shows where there are soring violations recorded, and ask    them to stop show-casing classes that encourage this abuse.

   For example, write to Dr. Doyle Meadows, the CEO of the National Celebration, and give him your    input.

By phone:
(931) 359-0580

By mail:
Executive Director
Walt Chism
P.O. Box 286 or
250 N. Ellington Pkwy.
Lewisburg, TN 37091

By e-mail:

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